The Sharing Economy


Peer-to-peer transactions conducted via the Internet and Smartphone’s has changed how people arrange car rides, find vacation lodging and more.  It can also be a way to create a whole new revenue stream for your farming operation and provide a whole new resource for harvest equipment.

The Program works hard to match available equipment with people that need it and provides a 3rd party escrow account for clearing funds and verifying payment. also verifies proper insurance requirements and assists in mediation and transportation if needed.


·       Your equipment for rent:  Simply contact us about the equipment you want to rent out and well take care of the rest!  It is required that you be up-to-date on all maintenance, PIPs, and other service requirements and that the equipment be in good working condition.  Equipment listing information could include:

·       Equipment specs (make, model, features, etc.

·       The dates the equipment is unavailable

·       Desired Unit Rate

·       Separator Hours

·       Engine Hours

·       Start Date

·       End Date

·       Whether or not you have transportation options

·       Usage guidelines

Users will have the ability to communicate with questions about the equipment, as well as request a quote for transportation of the equipment.

·       Booking Equipment:  On our website, you can browse available equipment or simply call us to help locate what you are looking for.  Once you find a piece of equipment that you would like to rent from another farmer, let us help put the deal together for you.


·       Rescheduling:  While there may be a usual start date, we all know that the reality is that because of many circumstances beyond anyone’s control that the dates you need the equipment may change.  As a result, we encourage you to communicate regularly with the owner of the equipment in advance of your use if you think there is the possibility that your dates may change.  If the owner agrees, you can reschedule by contacting us.


·       Cancellation Policies:  Cancellation Policies vary for each piece of equipment. 


·       Equipment Condition: requires that each piece of equipment in the program be in good working condition, be current on all maintenance and PIPs and be field ready before shipped to the user.  Each user should carefully read the description and ask any questions prior to booking the use.  Both the equipment owner and user agree that equipment will be treated with extremely good care and that the key to the success for both parties is to respect each other and the property. will act as a 3rd party reviewer or mediator when disputes arise.


·       Equipment Condition Documentation

o   As an owner:  Prior to delivery, we provide both the user and owner with a process for documenting the condition of the equipment.  We encourage you to take photos of the equipment and even a short video of the equipment running if possible.   Fill out the inspection form or call in and one can be completed over the phone to ensure that any dents, missing pieces or accessories or other concerns are documented.  Before the equipment is shipped for use, the owner should take a picture of the engine and separator hours screen if applicable to document the starting hours.


o   As a user:  As soon as possible after delivery, you must fill out the inspection form or call in to complete one and submit photographic documentation of any existing damage if necessary, otherwise you are accepting the equipment as-is and are responsible for any damage identified upon return.  Should the equipment arrive inoperable or with significant damage, please contact the owner as soon as possible to discuss repairs or return of the equipment.  The user should also take a photograph of the starting engine and separator hours screen for added confirmation of the starting hours.


·       Transportation:  In instances where the owner is not providing transportation of the equipment, you have the option to arrange transportation for the equipment yourself or to contact for a quote.  If you select as your transport provider, we will schedule equipment movements in accordance with the use start and end dates and ensure the equipment is transported in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements (escorts, permits, insurance, etc).

o   All transportation costs are the responsibility of the user of the equipment unless otherwise specified in the listing or agreed upon by the owner and user.


·       Expectations for use: is a group of owners and users that are connected through a common goal – the desire to make farming more economical and easier.  We require that users of equipment treat that machinery as if it were their own, practicing due care in operation and following all manufacturer’s guidelines for use and daily maintenance.


·       Repairs and/or breakdown, or questions about operation of the equipment:  During the use of the equipment there is a chance that some type of issue could come up, so when it happens, you should:

     o   Call the owner.  Make sure they’re aware of the issue, and work with them to determine    the best approach to repair – from purchasing minor belts or hoses, to contacting a local dealer for an in-field service call.

     o   As a general rule, the cost to repair a machine as a result of typical mechanical breakdown is absorbed by the owner of the equipment, as that breakdown would likely have occurred regardless of who was operating the machine

     o   Breakdown or damage as a result of negligence or user error, including failure to properly operate or maintain the equipment while in the users’ possession, is borne by the user


·       Costs:  While each equipment owner is allowed to set their own rental rates, we provide guidance and what rates are reasonable given the specifics of the machine and the use period described

     o charges a commission of 10% of rental revenue to the owner and a 5% transaction fee to the user.  Prices listed on the website include these fees.

     o   At the end of each use, any additional hours, acres or days amount is totaled and billed to the user of the equipment in the form of a supplemental bill. Once this is collected, the additional amount is sent to the owner less the 10% commission and 5% fee amount.

     o   All transportation charges are billed to the user unless otherwise agreed upon by the owner and user.


·       Payments:  We require that a potential user demonstrate their commitment to the use of that piece of equipment by paying a down payment at booking. Within 30 to 45 days of the equipment being delivered, the full amount of the rental is due in full. escrows these funds and releases them to the owner, via the preferred method, upon completion of the rental.  Owners must provide their banking information in order to receive direct deposit of rental proceeds, or they can elect to have a paper check mailed within 10 business days of the inspection form being completed.

o   Payments can be made by:

     §   Bank wire transfer

     §   Overnight certified check

     §   Check

         ·   Requires extra time for funds to clear

o   Down Payments / Deposits

     §  A deposit will be collected to secure the booking


·       Insurance: The user of the equipment is responsible for the care and safekeeping of the equipment from the time of delivery through the time of return.  Any damage, theft or other loss of the equipment is the responsibility of the user, who agrees to use due care and best efforts to protect the equipment against such incidents. 

o   Insurance is to be completed for the value determined by the owner for each piece of equipment before the equipment is shipped and the owner is to be listed as the loss-payee on the insurance documentation.

o   Any special riders are to be included such as ingestion insurance on combines.

o will verify the insurance is in place and completed correctly before the equipment is shipped to the user.

·       Terms and Conditions of the Transaction:  By completing a booking with you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use and the Terms and Conditions of

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