About Us


CombineRental.com is an equipment sharing program between farmers focused on grain harvesting equipment needs.

CombineRental.com is unique because we are a roll up your sleeves, bootstrap’s company based on:

·       Sharing grain harvesting equipment between farmers. 

·       Providing a platform for anyone regardless of their computer knowledge and ability. 

·       Being a web based company focused on actual person to person conversations.

We started CombineRental.com because we wanted to help farmers connect with other farmers easily to share the equipment they own to help offset their high cost of ownership and make it easier for farmers looking for harvest equipment to find it.  We also wanted to be able to help protect both the owners and renters working together.  

We work with farmers that for the most part harvest wheat, corn, milo & soybeans.  We strive to be able to find a harvest solution for various sizes of operations, from smaller needs to multiple state of the art machines.  We want to keep building our community to the point we have multiple options for everyone looking for a combine or other harvest related equipment.  We work with farmers that have everything from the newest models to smaller older equipment that has been well maintained and ready to meet your specific needs.  

CombineRental.com provides a dynamic harvest solution program that matches combines from farmers not being used with farmers that need them all over the country. We handle the agreements, payments, insurance and invoicing so you can do what you do best. We can also help with transportation if needed.

We make finding your combine and other equipment for harvest and renting out your harvest equipment as easy and effortless as possible.

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