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Need it? Rent it.

Own it? Rent it out.

Rent the Equipment You Need When You Need It

Rent the combine or other farm equipment you need from another farmer when its not being used.


Rent your farm equipment out to another farmer when you’re not using it to create extra income. matches farmers that need a combine or other farm equipment like heads, tractors or grain carts with other farmers that own the equipment they need, but arent using it.


Farmers that need harvest or other farm equipment but don't want to own it, find the equipment they need by renting it from another farmer like them.

Farmers that own combines and other farm equipment find other farmers to rent their farm equipment out to when they’re not using it to create additional income and to offset the high costs of farm equipment ownership.  This also increases the utilization of their equipment.

This way farmers work together to make both of their operations more profitable & efficient.

We have equipment available for a Single Harvest, Summer Rental, Fall Rental or Yearly Rental!

Discounts avialable on extended season & yearly rentals

Sharing Ag Equipment With Other Farmers allows you to have access to harvest equipment when you need it and added income when you’re not using the equipment you own. This works by helping farmers work with other farmers around the country to share their equipment.

Farmers have combines, draper heads, stripper heads, corn heads, tractors and grain carts that they are willing to rent out while they are not using them.

What We Do

We make finding your combine for harvest and renting out your combine as easy and effortless as possible.

We also locate headers, grain carts and tractors for your harvest needs. provides a dynamic harvest solution program that matches combines from farmers not being used with farmers that need them all over the country. We handle the agreements, payments, insurance verification and invoicing so you can do what you do best. We can also help with transportation if needed.

If you need it - Rent it!
If you don't - Rent it out!

Find the right combine for your harvest

A Better Harvest Solution 

Rent what you need from another farmer

Rent out your combine when you don't need it

Make money with idle equipment instead of letting it sit in the shed

Headers, Tractors & Grain Carts

What else can you rent for your harvest this year and the years ahead?

Please call us today and get involved in a new way to work with other farmers improving agriculture and your bottom line. Help transform the way agriculture utilizes harvest equipment to be more profitable & efficient.

Please feel free to call or text with any questions about renting or listing equipment
Use the form below to email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank You!
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